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How To Use

Other journals expect you to decide what something is before you take a note. KALA JOURNAL is the opposite. It is very simple:

  • Take the Note
  • Action the Note (optional)

For example:

  • This is a plain, simple note, which requires no action.
  • This is a task] ✱
  • This is a future timed event] 6/12
  • This is an assigned task ] Bruce
  • This is a completed task]


Every morning, circle the month and day for every event you need to take notes during that day

  1. Enter the name of the event.
  2. Start taking notes.
  3. Once you complete the note, flag it with:
    1. nothing – this is a note – purely informational.
    2. a task, flag with “] ✱”
    3. a new event, flag with, “] MM/DD”
    4. a new assignment, flag with “] name”

Then, once the event is over and you get back to your computer, start transcribing the tasks into your task manager, your events into your calendar, and your assignments into email or your software of choice.

This is just the start. Feel free to make up your own symbols and flag them the way you like. KALA JOURNAL is yours to customize.


International Team Meeting

  • package revenues include tax revenue
  • extract tax from revenue
  • write up the deck from the call] ✱
  • review all outstanding invoices ] ✱
  • book a f/u meeting ] 6/24
  • f/u on the weekly report ] Julia

Once you have transcribed or completed your notes, tasks, events, and assignments, then strike them out. In this way, it’s easy to go back and see what’s done and what isn’t.

  • book a f/u meeting ] 6/24
  • f/u on the weekly report ] Julia


Why is this blank and not lined or dotted?

As an innovator, you are not a linear thinker. Think of this planner as a blank canvas for you to design as you wish.

What if my plan takes less than a day?

You can always overlap days on the same page by circling the additional days. Of course, you may want to leave a page per day in case you need to go back and use it.

Why this weird reverse thing?

Years of using many paper and electronic planners. Life goes by fast. You don’t always have the luxury of making the decision on what to do with a thing before you make a note of the thing. With KALA JOURNAL, grab as much information on the thing as you can at the moment, then take a moment to determine what to do with it.

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